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We can provide a small number of samples for free, but will charge fee if the number is quite large. Moreover, customer has to pay the freight. We will provide free duplicate products in replacement of vulnerable lighting fixture during the production process. The delivery date is counted from the moment we receive deposit. The quality guarantee period is usually one to two years, but we can prolong it to three years if customer specially requires.

In addition, we have professional lighting designers to design light for our customers. Our engineers in engineering department can customize specific products required by customers, and our professional technicians will guide installation and teach relevant knowledge to our customers. Besides, our company provides OEM service.

Main Products
  • Outdoor Video LED Strip Light16MM outdoor video LED strip light is a smart product which can replace the display screen of certain specifications. Through PC on line or off-line control, each pixel can express 280 billion colors. The product is available in outdoor advertising signboard, color painting screen, building curtain wall etc.
    This LED strip light is equipped with full aluminum alloy housing, which is designed for direct viewing.
  • Bridge LED Linear LightBridge LED linear light is double waterproof, because the inner part of bridge LED linear light adopts silica gel sealing of high thermal conductivity and its outer structure uses silica gel circle sealing. With the IP rate of up to IP67, our product is free from the problem that outdoor installed product is hard to resist water. Both ends of nixie tube are fastened by stainless steel screws, which can endure tensile force over 30kg, so the maintenance is safe and reliable.