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Crystal Ball (The Luminous Pearl) LED Lighting Project
LED Mobile Display Screen and Stage Lighting Project
LED Special Point Light and Wall Washer ProjectKTV Full Color LED Nixie Tube Project
Seacoast LED Lighting Project
LED Special Point Light and LED Flood Light Project
Main Products
  • Video LED Pixel Strip LightOur CXPL-32-D8/D16 video LED pixel strip light has larger overall dimension and further viewing distance in comparison with CXPL-16 product. Through PC on line or off line control, each pixel can express 68.7 billion colors. The product is an intellectual product, which is specially designed for outdoor LED display application. It can be applied to outdoor advertising signboard, color painting screen, building curtain wall etc.
  • Transparent LED Display ScreenTransparent LED display screen is composed of a series of the point light sources, which is independently developed, designed and produced by our company. The light source is an intelligent lighting fixture specially designed for outdoor large LED display curtain wall and deformed display screen. Pixel light uses color mixture of pixels to realize the combination from point to face so as to display word, image, and video.